World Health Organization Recommends drugs from marijuana

World Health Organization proposes to exclude drugs from marijuana

In 1961, the governing bodies of the world signed the arak Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs ju agreement, and with this agreement, the marijuana was placed in the category of drugs by being held with heroin.

With this international agreement signed with the US edition, the production and distribution of the marijuana were included in the crime.

Now, about 50 years after the agreement, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the 1961 treaty agreement should be reorganized. This call covers all components of marijuana (cannabinoids such as THC and CBD).

WHO’s call means: Governments have been wrong for years!


The World Health Organization (WHO) seeks full plant cannabis, cannabis resin and other essential components of the plant (such as THC and CBD) from the Table IV classification in the 1961 drug contract.

WHO wants the THC to be removed from a different drug treaty signed in 1971 and to be included in the drug, not drugs, according to the 1961 agreement. It also argues that any CBD product with a THC of less than 0.2% should not fall under any international control.

In summary, WHO wants to vote on it . If it is indeed taken out of the drugs, they will have admitted to being mistaken that it has been dangerous and harmful for years. Many countries have already accepted this error and released the marijuana in controlled control.