How the United States Votes on Marijuana Proposal Still Unclear

A global ”Marijuana Revolution“ is taking place. This is a slow-moving and irregular revolution. However, in recent years we have seen that global medical legalization has been expanding globally, and countries such as Uruguay and Canada have freed for national adult use.

It is not difficult to predict how some member states will vote for the proposal of WHO. Russia and China, which have hard drug laws, will reject the WHO initiative. Canada and Uruguay will of course support it, especially when the legalization of Marijuana is in contradiction to the current 1961 treaty.


However, the X factor is US. In 1961, the US placed Marijuana, the heaviest control regime of the Single Convention, IV. At that time, the United States argued that the classification was necessary, depending on what is una widely abused kullanıl Marijuana. With the discovery of the human endocannabinoid system, there was no international effort to revise the 1961 agreement when researchers began to discover the medical efficacy of Marijuana in the 1980s. This year, WHO wants UN deputies to vote to correct this inconsistency.

However, it is still unclear what the US will be the most ardent defender of the 1961 agreement. But if we consider that Marijuana is legalized in many states, it would not be wrong to say that the United States will vote for the exclusion of Marijuana.

Editor’s note: This historic and important proposal shows us that the whole world was wrong, except for a handful of marijuana activists. Instead of researching a topic, people are so cuddled in heel information that even if you put scientific documents in front of them, they are not convinced. But today we see that the whole world can be wrong at the same time. Besides, aside from the Marijuana issue, this is not the world’s first mistake!